Aaron Beebe

Royal (in)Digest
5.25″x8″; ephemera paper items; 2013

Aaron Beebe
Oakton, Virginia, USA


Aaron Beebe’s manual, cut and paste collages mainly consist of ephemera paper items found through his daily travels. His artwork is made of tangible materials, which is a nice change of pace in a digital world.


Aaron Beebe, a self-taught artist, divides his time between collaging, screen-printing, and graphic design. His current interest is making short films. Beebe grew up in Virginia Beach, where he was greatly influenced by surf and skate culture. His style stems from a collection of various visual artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, David Carson, and more recently, Chris Ferebee (personal friend), Charles Wilkin, and Brandon McLean.


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Optical Contusion
6″x4″; ephemera paper items/rub on transfer symbols; 2011

Tired 001
6.5″x4.5″; ephemera paper items; 2013