Aaron Whitmoyer

Signs of New Life
24”x48”; paint, rust, magazines, matte medium on wood panel; 2009

Aaron Whitmoyer
Atlanta, Georgia, USA


“Is it hotter down south, than it is in the summer” – Leroy Pullins

The mind is full of contradictions, whether in thought, visual perception, sound, or touch. Should art make sense? Found objects and images dictate composition that transcends logic. The influence of technology on our daily lives is exciting, bright, and new, but is riddled with flaws. Collage is the perfect medium to embrace spontaneity, anomalies and absurdity.

Wrinkled, torn, dirty, clean, smooth, kitschy, hokey, unplanned, nonsense is all ok.


Atlanta, Georgia-based artist Aaron Whitmoyer (aawhit) has been exploring the fine art medium of collage for several years. He grew up in East Texas, but has made Georgia his home where he can be close to the mountains. Although formally trained as a digital media artist in 3D animation and graphic design from Savannah College of Art & Design, he is a self-taught artist in his fine art medium of collage. Aaron’s background in computer graphics lead to a need for creative expression without the use of computers. Several reoccurring themes can be recognized, such as our relationship with popular culture, media, and science and technology. In order to feel less contrived, hand cut found imagery and acrylic matte medium are allowed to dictate some of the composition into a fun, absurd, quirky new context with a strong sense of spontaneity.

Aaron has participated in multiple group shows around the Atlanta metro area as a member of both the Atlanta Collage Society and the National Collage Society. The Artist’s Treehouse was recently awarded 1st place in a juried show with The Atlanta Collage Society at Hudgens Center for Art & Learning in Duluth, Georgia in the fall of 2020. In 2009, Signs of New Life, was selected for the annual National Collage Society juried exhibition at Mason Murer Art Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia.


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Seduction of a Luddite
45″x18″; acrylic paint, magazines, wood grain contact paper on panel; 2010
The Artist’s Treehouse
20″x16″; magazines on canvas; 2020
Garden of Man Made Delights
12”x38″; magazines on found synthetic wood grain panel; 2012
All Put Together
20″x16″; paint pen, rust, magazines on canvas; 2016