Alfredo Quintana Garay

Apolcalyptic Hunter
15.7″x11.8″; digital collage; 2018

Alfredo Quintana Garay
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico


Alfredo Quintana Garay, aka Tintorera, believes in surrealist values, poetry, love and freedom, as weapons to “transform the world” and “change life.” He is a professional of irony. It seeks to juxtapose concepts and create beings never seen before; part of the study of human and animal anatomy induced by the misrepresentation of dreams. From the superposition of elements – analogue, digital or both – build reasons that give rise to impossible narratives where black humour stars. Chance is the starting point, the artist investigates any visual file that is within reach of his scissors. Alfredo Quintana Garay defines collage as a violent art; start, uncover, cut eyes and limbs, pluck hearts, transfigure, deform, decontextualize, fix and paste. It is a romantic and dark therapy that shapes his obsessions.


The collages by Alfredo Quintana Garay (Mexico, 1974), aka Tintorera, are debtors of Dadaism and Surrealism, and the romantic spirit of the nineteenth century, all of this agitated with pop culture. Alfredo started making collage in the 90s, when he was studying Communication Sciences. Originally, he worked in a traditional way, cutting and pasting. In 2001, he published the poetry booklet, Primavera de carroñas, that he illustrated with collages. Since 2013, after 10 years of being editor in chief of a Mexican magazine, he took up the artisan collage and decided to experiment also with digital manipulation.

For now, Alfredo works on a book of poems illustrated with collage: Las nueve musas del Apocalipsis (The Nine Muses of the Apocalypse), and a graphic novel with Mary Magdalene and Lazarus as main characters.

Alfredo’s collages have been published in Tapas Magazine (Spain), Esquire Mexico and Latin America, Fortune en Español, and Forbes (Spain), among others.

His collage portfolio published in Tapas Magazine was awarded Bronze in the 2016 Premios ÑH awards in the category of Illustration / Portfolios, as part of “The best of journalistic design Spain/Portugal and Latin America”, promoted by the Society For News Design.

In July 2019, he participated in the collective exhibition. “Aglomeraciones”, organized by Art Latinou as part of the Semanario de Cultura Mexicana in Mexico City.


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