Alma Larroca

Collage Is the Remedy
4″x1.6″ (each); collage with little objects in pill packaging; 2020

Alma Larroca
Barcelona, Spain


I believe in the image’s powerful and symbolic value to convey ideas. I am interested in illustration and art as a media in themselves, shaping a conceptual, rich and powerful visual language through their metaphors and nuances. I research combining techniques (analog and digital), to offer a visual response to the concept that needs to be communicated. I consider myself eclectic in my style and curious in my way of working, this is part of me and my work. I am especially interested in working on memory, the present that I build from memories lived, learned, even forgotten. I make assemblages and collages with materials that were previously discarded; by recycling them I re-signify them in a new work, where in turn the observer discovers their own interpretation.


I was born in Buenos Aires and I’m currently based in Barcelona. I’m a visual artist and illustrator especialized in mixed media, assemblage and digital art. I graduated in Graphic Design from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and studied traditional animation in AVEX Film School of Avellaneda. I taught graphic design at the UBA, and illustration at the BAU-Escola de Disseny. I participated in a number of exhibitions in Buenos Aires and Barcelona, and won prizes, such as the Junceda Award (Apic- Professional Asociation of Illustrators of Catalunya) for illustrations published by Casa Viva magazine and the Award of Excellence (26th Edition of The Best of Newspaper Design – SND) for my illustrations in La Voz de Galicia newspaper.

Now I’m running collage workshops and developing my artwork as a visual artist, always interested in visual metaphore, mixing diferent kind of materials and found objects, to give them a new life, to repurpose and resignify them.


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Common Thread
5″x7.7″; collage on vintage book cover; 2021
It Will Happen Again
9.4″x7″; collage on cardboard with dried leaves; 2020
Points of View
5.9″x3.9″ (each); collage on vintage post cards; 2016
Utopic Map
3.9″x3.5″x2.76″; miniature collage installation on cardboard; 2020