Angelica Paez+

Linear Drawing
collage on book cover; 2011

Angelica Paez
Houston, Texas, USA


I primarily work with vintage papers because I also collect ephemera and come across large amounts of interesting, old papers when out shopping the secondhand markets. Although I have studied other mediums, the only one that has kept my attention all these years is collage. I am constantly experimenting with it and pushing myself to create new and different work. I am currently working on layering techniques and giving my work dimension. I am also experimenting with collage on wood pieces to create some sculptural forms.


My name is Angelica Paez and I live in Houston, Texas with my husband, John Griffith. I have been making collages for about twenty years, but have always had a love for cut & paste since childhood. Although I have taken some art classes in college and at the Glassell School of Art in Houston, when it comes to collage, I consider myself self-taught.

I also enjoy collecting vintage photographs and ephemera, taking photos with my Rolleiflex, corresponding and collaborating with other collagists, and junk shopping.


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9.25″x6.25″; collage on book cover with ink and paint; 2011

4″x6″; collage with thread and ink; 2011

Magnifying Lass
6.5″x4″; collage on book cover with thread and ink; 2012