Anna Hollings

8.5″x10.2″; handmade collage: paper, glue; 2014

Anna Hollings
Westport, New Zealand


About making collage:

I love the process of collage, it is peaceful, relaxing and rather hypnotic. Sometimes elements obviously belong together and so the collage reaches completion easily while others demand something more, I don’t know what but I will know it when I see it, and that can take hours, or days of trawling through old books and magazines.

I understand why the surrealists liked collage, it is mostly automatic and seems to evoke a mysterious, lost narrative, or a dialogue from the subconscious, or a half-remembered dream. Like me, they liked to play with juxtapositions of scale and subject, to surprise the mind and prompt another way of seeing. My favourites are those that I don’t have much say in making, it feels like they are making themselves using my hands and eyes. I like it when elements don’t belong together, but look like they should.


I had my first show in Nelson in 1989 and have been exhibiting in galleries throughout New Zealand at least every year. My mother is a painter and it always felt like something I was born to do. My preferred media is oil on canvas with subjects ranging from figurative through to landscape, but I also work in a variety of other media such as collage.  I am mostly influenced by the post war surrealists and the early New Zealand moderns like Rita Angus, Edith Collier and Toss Woollaston, but I have many influences from contemporary art in general. I live on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.


2013 Thirteen New Works: Interspace Gallery – Westport
2012 Freerange Organic – North Art – Auckland
2011 HumanBeing – Satellite Gallery – Auckland
2008 Landshapes – Satellite Gallery – Auckland
2005 Survey – Tatton Gallery – Nelson
2004 Dreaming – Milford Galleries – Auckland
2003 Islands – Milford Galleries – Auckland
2002 Love Letters – Milford Galleries – Dunedin
2001 North New Work at Milford Galleries – Dunedin


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Tree Lines
11.2″x8.2″; handmade collage: paper, glue; 2014

In Itself
11″x8.5″; handmade collage: paper, glue; 2014