Annie Stone

The Jewel
15″x9″; hand-cut image, collage/polymer; 2017
This piece is part of the “Just Because” series. The koi and the palm leaves were cut out several years ago and found again when I made an attempt to organize my studio. Originally, I was going to have it have a Japanese feel but as I worked it evolved into what it is. I incorporated some polymer pieces that a wonderful polymer artist and friend gave me which I felt was a perfect complement to the piece. The layered matting gives it depth–just as it might be if the koi was swimming in a pond.

Annie Stone
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


With all due respect to science and the wonderful things it has accomplished, I often wonder about humans and how they presume to think they can figure out the universe, the world and how/why all that is in it exists. Can we see beauty in the world and be in awe of all that exists? In experiencing my collages, I hope people will find beauty and think more deeply about the human role and their effect on the world and each other by creating unusual interactions/relationships with unexpected juxtapositions of images using my unique assembly technique. When I begin to work on a collage I never know what it will look like in the end: I only know there is a sense of something I begin to see and feel as it evolves into the final piece. I hope to open new perspectives and appreciation for beauty, the environment, life, humour and relationships. Please look closely in order to see the details, there are always surprises to be found, enjoy.


I started making collages by “accident”. While I have always been creative and have a degree in textile design, it wasn’t until I went through my stash of wolf calendars and not wanting to dispose of them that the idea of making collages with them struck me. From there I began making other collages using varied images of nature, inspired by particular images of flora and fauna, colours, texture and patterns. I developed a unique technique of attaching and layering images to one another to create collages that when finished have an organic shape that is then floated onto a mat when being framed. My work has since evolved into making some collages that have more of an architectural or scenic component, but always include an animal. I continue to explore new ways of assembling and finishing my collages always with the intent of creating something unique as well as meaningful to me.

While I didn’t start to show my work until 2014, I have since been honoured to participate in group and solo shows in many venues and galleries throughout the USA.


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28.5″x21.4″; hand-cut image collage; 2009
Nature can be such a mystery. On close inspection the inclusion and layering of a myriad of creatures both furry, feathered and otherwise leads to discoveries in a treelike form of “leaves, branches and hiding places”.

Super Hero
17″x15″; hand-cut image collage coated with Liquitex; 2015
When I saw the image of this mantis I knew I was going to use it in a collage. At the time, two of my grandsons were, and still are, into super heroes. Even my grown sons are still into them. What better pose and colour combinations to remind one of the genre?

Bella Vista II
14″x14″; hand-cut image collage coated with Liquitex; 2017
Da Vinci Art Alliance located in Philadelphia’s Bella Vista neighbourhood is behind my Bella Vista Series. The alliance put out a call to its members for work to include in a collaborative show, “Bella Vista”. I took it on as a challenge because the parameters were very different than my subject matter and style up until that point. I ended up enjoying it so much I automatically moved into making the second one and wanting to make more collages in a similar style.

Atop the Straight and Narrow
21.5″x13.5″; hand-cut image collage coated with Liquitex; 2018
Lines/architecture. A theme running through some of my current work. Where does this inspiration come from? I can’t always answer that except that “straight and narrow” kept going through my mind as I worked with the image of the AT&T building. And…almost always an animal(s) must be included in my work.