Bep Broos

13.8″x10.6″; paper; 2019

Bep Broos
Luyksgestel, The Netherlands


Bep Broos was born above her parents’ flower shop. She grew up with an inherited love for flowers and plants. While playing, she made composition paintings with dried flowers. Today, she lives on a farm, pretty isolated, with a large garden, in a small Dutch village close to the Belgian border.

Analog collages are the very center of the artistic work of Bep Broos. Ceramic art is another major field of her many interests. The collages take a liberated and more diverse approach to the language of visual expression, as imaging ranges from pure basics to florid scenes and involving layers of position and meaning. These works are of paper, subtle, maybe rather than in solid, baked texture, but again always containing an element of surprise, concise but puzzling, though candid stories that pervade an affective atmosphere, context, wit, warmth, and good humor.

The quality of the analog collages is all apparent. The classic cut and paste approach shows patience and precision, thoughtful compositions minding detail, and lots of intuition. The artist has a gut understanding of our world.


After graduating in 1980 from The Academy of Art and Design St. Joost in Breda, Bep Broos has been working as a sculptor and visual artist. Her work has been shown in exhibitions in The Netherlands and Sweden.


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13.8″x10.6″; paper; 2019

10.6″x13.8″; paper; 2017

13.8″x10.6″; paper; 2019

13.8″x10.6″; paper; 2019