Beverly Logan

22″x22″; handmade collage: inkjet prints; 2022

Beverly Logan
Washington, DC, USA


Gerhardt Richter once said that boxes of photographs are unfinished material. I agree with him. I have been taking pictures most of my life and now have an archive of nearly a quarter of a million images. I think that is enough. To me, my archives are like skeins of yarn or mounds of clay ready to be made into a sweater, a bowl or a collage. My practice is to print a background image and then cut out images from other photographs to place on top. My collages are all handmade. I am guided by color, shapes and composition in the way composers are guided by rhythm and harmony. My images tell stories viewers piece together in the way we piece together elements of dreams.


I received my MFA in 2020 from a joint program of Bard College and the International Center for Photography in New York City. I have been an Honorable Mention Award Winner several times at the Art Students League in New York City and I have received numerous Best in Exhibition Awards at the Maryland Institute of Art in Annapolis, Maryland. I am currently represented by the Studio Gallery in Washington DC.


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17″x22″; handmade collage: inkjet prints; 2022
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14″x19″; handmade collage: inkjet prints; 2022
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