Carol Fettin

Almost a Hero
10″x8″; images from old magazines, paint, gloss medium, markers; 2023

Carol Fettin
Omaha, Nebraska, USA


I spent most of my childhood in Omaha but also lived in Central Nebraska for a short period of time. Although I have been an artist for most of my life, I have recently transitioned to working with analog collage. My materials include found objects, old ephemera, discarded images, paint, scissors, and glue. I prefer to work in the abstract as it presents more of a challenge and allows viewers to interpret my work through their own life experiences. Personal narratives, whether they belong to individuals, communities, or places, have always been important to me. My art is a reflection of these stories, conveyed through the images I select and the marks I make. It is informed by both my own experiences and those of others, which adds a unique dimension to my work.


Carol Fettin is a Nebraska artist living in Omaha, Nebraska. She has been creating art for most of her life. Currently, she works as an analog collagist and a mixed media artist. She went to the University of Nebraska majoring in news writing and editorial journalism.

She worked as a writer and photographer for many years collecting stories of individuals, communities, and institutions. It is through these experiences that she understands the importance of the story. It’s no surprise that her art is informed through this experience.

She later received a Master of Art in Teaching and in English Language Development from the College of Saint Mary. Working with children from all walks of life cemented her belief that personal and community stories have value. With only a few courses in art and art history, she’s been able to create a style and language that is expressed through her art. She often includes humor in her work, yet there is a serious side to it as well.


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In the Beginning
10″x8″; images from old magazines, found papers, paint, gloss medium, marker; 2023
I See You
10″x8″; images from old magazines, paint, gloss medium, markers; 2023