Caroline Golden

Up and Away
20″x16″x1.5″; paper collage, acrylic paint on panel; 2023

Caroline Golden
New York, New York, USA


As a collage artist, I search out images laced with memory using sources such as antique books, magazines, vintage ephemera, and other natural or manufactured finds. I aspire to create the enchanted elsewhere, a place of both recollection and possibility. A surreal world existing in a realm of neither here nor there yet appears oddly familiar as the stepping-stone to enter our beloved fairytales, fables, and myths. Through my art, I explore and reinterpret these familiar narratives through an intimate and personal lens. Often, my interest lies in the story’s aftermath–the “after” in the “Happily Ever After”.

The transformative aspects of paper have always captivated me. I could make magic with a simple and well-placed fold, an inserted tab, some glue, and a sharp scissor–whether via paper dolls, pop-up books, or paper dioramas. My studio is home to countless drawers of images and objects and, as of yet, unexplored magazines and discarded books collected over decades. My treasure trove of these images and sources is my palette.

I meticulously hand-cut and manipulate these objects and images, often supplementing them with painting, precisely layering, and frequently lifting them off the flat paper surface to create a dimensional narrative.

In exploring these rich and timeless tales, “The End” may be merely the story’s midpoint, and the rest is for us to discover.


Caroline Golden is a New York City-based collage artist. After graduating from college, she worked as a paste-up and mechanical artist, graphic artist, and art director for businesses and agencies. In 1996, realizing that she could combine these technical skills with her artistic vision, Golden made the leap and became a full-time fine artist. Her studio is an inviting space for the creation of original art. It houses an ever-growing collection of found imagery and objects that become the material she uses to create her work. Caroline’s collages are sometimes whimsical, often disturbing, but always thought-provoking. She makes work that investigates hidden realms, reveals inner truths, and explores the relationship between reality and fantasy.

Her work has been shown in multiple solo and group exhibitions and can be found worldwide in private and corporate collections. In 2020, Golden’s art inspired writer Derek Owens to create companion pieces for her series “The Villagers.” This collaboration is presented in an award-winning book of the same name, published by Animal Heart Press in February 2022. In the summer of 2023, she was awarded a residency at Baer Art Center in Iceland. Caroline lives and works in New York City.


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In My Solitude
30″x24″x1.5″; paper collage, vintage wallpaper on wood panel; 2023
Rooms Available
24″x18″x1.5″; paper collage, acrylic paint on panel; 2023
Attendance Requested
24″x18″x1.5″; paper collage, wallpaper, silk ribbon on wood panel; 2023