Caroline Golden

What Happened to Your Head?
23.5″x18.75″x2″; wallpaper, shells, acrylic paint, paper collage on board; 2017

Caroline Golden
New York, New York, USA


As a collage artist, I search out images laced with memory and shadow using sources such as antique books, magazines, vintage ephemera, and other natural or manufactured finds. I meticulously hand-cut and manipulate these objects and images, often supplementing them with painting, precisely layering, and frequently lifting them off the flat paper surface to create a dimensional narrative.

I aspire to create the enchanted elsewhere, a place of both recollection and possibility. A surreal world existing in the realm neither here nor there, yet appearing oddly familiar as the steppingstone to enter our beloved fairytales, fables, and myths. I explore these familiar narratives through my art and reinterpret them through an intimate and personal lens. Often, my interest lies in the aftermath of the story–the “after” in the “Happily Ever After”.

In exploring these rich and timeless narratives, “The End” may be merely the midpoint of the story, and the rest of the tale is for us to discover.


Caroline Golden is a collage artist based in New York City. Her collages are multi-layered and hand-cut from found imagery and objects. The theme of her work centers around fairy tales and fables, with memory and narrative playing a central role in her compositions, often focusing on the day after the happily ever after. Her collages and assemblages have been shown in multiple solo and group exhibitions, including a one-woman exhibition of work inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Golden has lectured about fairy tales and the many ways they can be interpreted in conjunction with her work. Her art can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide. Caroline’s art inspired writer Derek Owens to create companion pieces for one of her series. This collaboration is on display in a forthcoming book The Villagers from Animal Heart Press, published in Spring 2022. To view her work and for more information about The Villagers, her website is


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The Intervention
24.5″x32″x1″; paper collage, vintage greeting cards on paper; 2018
Per Chance to Dream
24″x17.5″x2″; paper collage, wallpaper on archival board; 2021
Next Dance
29″x16.5″x1″; paper collage, embroidery thread, wallpaper on archival board; 2021
I Need a Hug from the “Something in the Air” series
12″x9″; paper collage, acrylic paint on board; 2020