Christian Gerstheimer

Is Violence Art?
18″x24″; paper collage, drawing; 2022

Christian Gerstheimer
Midland, Michigan, USA


Most recently, the collages from my “Dear Mr. Putin….” series combine drawing, and mixed media in a critique of the abuse of power by international politicians. I gather images from historic publications, contemporary tabloids, and the myriad of assorted printed matter to create provocative juxtapositions of time, place, and identity. The resulting, multi-layered visual letters/collages include texts, images, objects, and drawings as responses to the war in Ukraine.


Christian Gerstheimer is an artist, curator, and educator. He has exhibited his work nationally in Chicago, Detroit, El Paso, New York City, and Santa Fe, and internationally in Berlin, Germany. Gerstheimer is known for video, photography, interventions, drawings, and most recently collages. The artist is currently located in Michigan and holds the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Humanities Interdisciplinary, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a Master of Arts in Art History from Michigan State University, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Practice from the University of Plymouth with Transart Institute.


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Arm up, handsome devil
22″x30″; paper collage, drawing; 2022
Unfortunately you caught the war virus
18″x24″; paper collage, drawing; 2024
Ukraine is not a Plastic bag!
23″x25″; paper collage, drawing, plastic bag; 2024
You are the architect of your own demise
29″x19″; paper collage, drawing, clear plastic tape; 2024