Cut Out Copy

Citrus Heaven
8″x10″; paper, Modge Podge; 2016

Cut Out Copy
Burlington, Vermont, USA


Collage is an exercise in both creation and destruction. There is a puzzle to be figured out, to be created, to be discovered. The art of collage bombards the artist with limitless possibilities of ready-made images waiting to be cut, torn, taken out of context, etc. I invite this blind challenge with an artistic yet mathematical state of mine.


Cut Out Copy is Barbee Hauzinger, an artist, musician, and photographer living in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. She draws inspiration from sci-fi, fantasy, music, curious minds, and the natural world around her. She received a BFA from Syracuse University in 2008 for photography and has been working as an artist ever since. Her work has been published in Kolaj Magazine, Art Reveal Magazine, and she has exhibited widely around Vermont.


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Easy Hash Browns
8″x10″; paper, Modge Podge; 2016

LIFE Magazine, September 14, 1962
20″x16″; paper, Modge Podge; 2018

Ascending Mt. Apolonikdt
13″x9″; paper, cardboard, Modge Podge; 2013

Dance of the Planets at Junburgsky
14″x11″; paper, Modge Podge; 2017