Daniel Lehan

6″x7.5″; typewritten text and image; 2017

Daniel Lehan
Dungeness, Kent, United Kingdom


In the majority of my collages I combine text and image, but I also collage texts to create visual poetry.

DAY PAGES is my daily typewritten collaged diary which I have kept since 2015. Each entry is collaged into a volume, this might be a scrapbook (I prefer old ones, and if there are existing items on a page I arrange my text & images around these) stamp albums, music manuscript books, or guest books, etc. Currently there are 55 volumes of these.

The series of ANIMALLAGES recounts encounters with the wildlife of Quebec, Canada, with their use of text and image they are similar to the series “Childhood Diary Pages” which records real events from my childhood.

My visual poetry includes erasures–often using scalpel blades to scrape away unwanted words–and cut up texts to create new texts.

More recently I have focused on cutting texts, focusing on their visual effect.

I made a film about collage and my work, you may watch it HERE.


Daniel Lehan trained in Fine Art at Winchester School of Art, England, and later studied Art Therapy at Goldsmiths College, London.

He has lived in New York, Florence, Finland, and Quebec, and visits Paris each year to supplement his supply of collage material, which he regularly finds in charity shops and street markets in London. He delivers collage workshops to a wide range of participants, including those in prison.

Several years ago, at the London Centre for Book Arts, he started to make laser copied, and riso printed editions of his collaged books, which are available from his website.

Lehan also makes small collaged boxes.

Each day he keeps a typewritten and collaged diary titled DAY PAGES.

His visual and collaged poetry has appeared in numerous print and online magazines, including And/Or, DITCH, experientialexperimental-literature, foam:e, Indefinite Space, Kumquat Poetry, the delinquent, shuf, small po[r]tions and *82 Review.

His work, Book Pages Destroyed By Typewriter, is included in The New Concrete, Visual Poetry in the 21st Century, published by Hayward Publishing, 2015.

Cahier de catéchèse published by Dark Windows Press feature pages from the drawing books he kept whilst in Quebec, and The Morning Glories is a collection of his short stories, published in the UK.

Lehan now lives in Dungeness, Kent, facing the English Channel.


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Day Page–16 February 2021
10″x8″; typewritten text and image; 2021
3.5″x9″; found photograph album with cut up texts facing each photograph; 2022
1″x1.5″; cut up text; 2020
5″x8″; cut up/cut out newspaper text; 2022