Daniel Lynds

7″x7″; glue, paper, cardboard; 2018

Daniel Lynds
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


Using only printed images and “analogue” techniques (scissors, X-acto, glue), all of my work relies on using only found images from recycled/free print materials. When travelling to different cities, I always pack a mini collage kit and try to create a piece that somehow summarizes and/or comments on my perceptions of the city.

My primary artistic interests are telling stories that explore relationships between absurdist, expressionist, mythical, and melodramatic pairings of images/ideas/titles. Most of my work uses only a handful of sources while attempting to create intriguing conceptual and spatial contrasts/commentaries.

Every piece attempts to pull viewers in and ask questions about what type of visual ecosystem they are viewing and why/how these images have come into being.


I’m an interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker, spastic noise maker, and self-proclaimed aesthete. As a 5-year-old, I rubbed honey on my neck dangerously close to a wild beehive because apparently I needed to pet the bees–this didn’t turn out well, but makes for great party banter.

My artistically formative years were spent in Montreal while attaining a BFA in Cinema from Concordia University whilst collaborating on experimental films, art installations, musical performances, and other shenanigans. The learning, thinking, and sharing that happened while I worked in film and sound editing eventually lead me to a life in higher education as a teacher, administrator, and now instructional designer. Over the years, collage has been my most prolific and practiced venue for expression and contemplation.

As a Canadian Maritimer who’s lived, worked, and jammed all over the world, my creations are scattered around the internetz and many of them can be found here: daniellynds.com


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Doomed to Succeed (re: Icarus and/or Ashiepattle)
10″x7″; glue, paper, cardboard; 2012

11″x8″; glue, paper, cardboard; 2007

11″x8″; glue, paper, cardboard; 2015

10″x9″; glue, paper, cardboard; 2016