David Peniston

“Delight Is Appreciating Extraordinary Things” or (“Worst Things Happen At Sea.”)
5.5″x8.75′; cut paper collage; 2015

David Peniston
Oakland, California, USA


What defines art? Is it a form of magic or alchemy that requires great wisdom? Do artists possess some sort of mystical abilities? Perhaps it lies in the art of knowing when to stop. I believe there may be some truth to this. A skilled chef knows how to mix certain ingredients and cook them for a specific amount of time to get the desired outcome. But a truly exceptional chef can take those same ingredients and combine them in unexpected and innovative ways, resulting in something truly extraordinary. I don’t think the answer lies in the materials used or the techniques employed, but rather in the potential for art to be created. As the saying goes, “A photograph may only take a moment to capture, but it can take a lifetime to create.”


David Peniston is a San Francisco Bay Area Artist who has had numerous one-man and group showings of his work throughout the Pacific Northwest, California and the Midwest. He is also a published poet and has had his poetry and prose published in a number of publications. David earned a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Painting from the California College of Arts & Crafts in Oakland, California (now California College of the Arts, located in San Francisco) in 1982, with additional graduate studies there from 1986-1987. He also studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois, 1983), the New York Studio School (New York, New York, 1981) and the Universita Per Straneri in Perugia, Italy, 1979.


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Live Your Dreams
8.25″x 11.75″; collage on paper; 2014
An Evening in the Gallery
8.13″x8.25″; collage; 1984
Peniston and Hedges
18.75″x11.75″; collage on paper; 2008
David Peniston’s World
diptych: 8″x10.75″ (each panel); collage with hand-coloring; 2021