David Van

Peek The Pink Dolphin
11″x8″; 9 piece collage on paper; 2020

David Van
Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Drawing inspiration from realms of spirituality and psychedelia, David creates abstract collages that range from calculated minimalism to obsessive experiments in balanced clutter and everywhere in between. The observer is invited to step inside the mystery and wonder often found in his works and take from it anything they like. Often rooted in concepts and themes both surreal and societal, David leaves the door of interpretation open always.


David Van (b. 1985) is a designer, illustrator, printmaker, collage artist, and musician currently based in Baltimore, Maryland. He specializes in cover art, logo design, gig posters, and art direction for bands.


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Spam Folder
10″x8″; 17 piece collage on book cover; 2021
8.5″x5.5″; 13 piece collage on paper; 2020
Invite Not the Future
7.25″x5.25″; collage on paper; 2021
Look At Your Life
10″x8″; 7 piece collage with hologram mirror; 2020