Denise E Clemen

Vanity Attempts a Holiday
12″x9″; magazine and catalogue papers, paint, “jewels”; 2022

Denise E Clemen
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


I’m interested in the hidden and in mysteries. I’m interested in the struggle to hold it all together while things are falling apart. I want to know how our stories–yours, mine, and the planet’s will end. Meanwhile, there’s love and parties, death and horror. My collage work is analogue, done with a lot of precise cutting. It often includes my own hand marbled, hand painted or handmade paper. Every piece of paper I see is scrutinized for potential as a piece in a future collage.


Denise Clemen writes and makes collages, paper, and artist’s books in Minneapolis. She’s enrolled at the Minneapolis Center for Book Arts, and her essays and fiction have been published in dozens of literary magazines. Her most recent essay in Under the Sun was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Denise has received fellowships to the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Vermont Studio Center, the Ragdale Foundation, and she was an Auvillar fellow at Moulin à Nef in France in 2009. Denise received an MFA in creative writing from the University of Nebraska in 2010.


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Saint Ferris, Patron of Those Who Go ‘Round & ‘Round
12″x9″; hand marbled paper; magazine & catalogue papers, paint, “jewel”; 2022
Henceforth, the days shall grow longer
12″x9″; magazine pages, paint, hand painted paper, tissue paper; 2022
Leaving Los Angeles
8″x8″; magazine paper, hand painted paper, tissue paper; 2022
Judith Breaks the News to Holfernes’s Dog
6″x6″; magazine pages, art brochure; 2022