Der Anonyme Plakatabriss

52°29’50.6″N 13°27’51.6″E
(33.1″x23.4″; poster on affiche paper; 2016)

Der Anonyme Plakatabriss
Berlin, Germany


Wandering extensively through the city, we‘ve been following the poster art of Berlin, documenting the different shapes and forms that the anonymous torn posters have taken. Our work consists of choosing a detail/cutout of torn- or overlapping posters. The creative part lies mostly in choosing from what‘s already there. The title of each piece consists of the coordinates of the place of discovery as it is always tied to its original location. The majority of street posters are in A1 format (33.1″x23.4″). Since these are predominantly printed on poster paper, we decided to use the same size, format and material for our photographed, anonymous posters. For us, they are anti-posters, because in contrast to conventional advertising posters, there are no messages to them, just a game of shapes and colours. No “what”, no “when”, no “where”. Finally, we thought it’d be a great idea to put the posters back where we originally found them or just to glue them like all the other advertising posters in the city.


As a collective, we are working on artistic projects, planning exhibitions and actions and designing artist books. With our work, we are mainly focusing on the city of Berlin. By using different media like writing, film and photography, we are reflecting our view of the urban landscape.

Michael is an art historian, born in 1983 in Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Hagen is a graphic designer, born in 1987, also in Schwerin.


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52°31’54.8″N 13°24’26.6″E
(33.1″x23.4″; poster on affiche paper; 2017)

52°33’15.2″N 13°24’08.3″E
(33.1″x23.4″; poster on affiche paper; 2018)

52°31’54.8″N 13°24’28.2″E
(33.1″x23.4″; poster on affiche paper; 2018)

Frankfurter Tor, Berlin (installation view)