Dominique Norville

Einfach an der Gage
13.5″x10.5″; analog collage, paper ephemera; 2017

Dominique Norville
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Collage is a unique surface on which multiple histories can come together to form a new reality. Dominique’s collage work incorporates paper ephemera, paint, drawing, photography, and print making. Her imagery is drawn primarily from the mid-20th century from both commercial and personal sources. She enjoys exploring gender stereotypes and situating powerful women in built, natural and commercial environments. Dominique has worked in art therapy and is a strong believer in the power of artistic expression as a transformational force. She enjoys the tension between spontaneous creation and a more deliberate approach to art making.


Dominique is a multi-media artist based in Vancouver. Dominique holds a Diploma in Fine Arts and has participated in numerous exhibitions of her paintings, photographs and collages in Vancouver and Ontario. She enjoys working collaboratively, including a show entitled “Domestic Savages” that featured a large glass showcase filled with a 3D jungle of women/animal hybrids, as well as contributing images to a deck of playing cards and a cook book. She has traded Artist Trading Cards for decades and enjoys collaborative work, in person or by mail. Her art has been described as “deceptively simple, with images that reveal themselves slowly and subtly, offering a surprise reward for letting the eye linger.” The best feedback she ever received was when one viewer told her, “Now I know what collage is for.”


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Grosser Werden
8″x6″; analog collage, paper ephemera; 2015

6″x4″; analog collage, paper ephemera; 2018

Where the Selection is Greatest
6″x4″; analog collage, paper ephemera; 2018

Margarine Crisps
6″x4″; analog collage, paper ephemera; 2018