Dunia Barrera

9.25″x6.49″; paper, stickers; 2022

Dunia Barrera
Munich, Germany


I came to notice that I usually use words in my collages. I think it gives me the opportunity to play with them. When I work, I like to see where the images bring me. Normally I do collage in an analog form. I like to work with found materials and discarded paper that I find on the streets. I especially like to work with pieces of posters that were torn down from walls along the street. Graphic design and dada are a big influence where humor plays a big role.


I am a collage artist with a photography background. Over six years, I worked on the connection between taste in music and fashion style. I have always liked vintage eras and have been always interested in vintage elements and typography. Paper has been a constant in my art, manipulating and altering the paper in the photography lab. When Photoshop didn´t exist, the use of materials like light bulbs or orange nets was the door for me to try new things in developing photographs. Now in the collage world, I think my art shows humor and, at the same time, nostalgia. I am interested in the way we connect ideas, concepts and the self. I am a firm believer that collage is highly therapeutic. Currently, I work in Munich, Germany and spend also a great deal of time in the USA with my husband´s family.


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You just don’t know what stamps can do to a man
9.25″x6.49″; paper; 2022
11.8″x11.8″; paper and pieces of a poster; 2022
4″x3.15″; paper; 2022
15.74″x11.8″; paper and pieces of a poster; 2022