Eduardo Martinez

Royal Beauty II
19.7″x15.7″; digital collage; 2021

Eduardo Martinez
Barcelona, Spain


My main technique is digital collage, but I also do analog collage and assemblage. My works are influenced by the avant-garde of the twentieth century, specifically Surrealism and Pop art. The coloring of the images, the old photos, the geometry and a vintage style are part of the elements that I use to create imaginary scenes in most of my collages.


Eduardo Martinez is an illustrator and graphic designer born in Barcelona. His knowledge of photographic retouching and interest in digital art, and especially photomontage, led him to discover “collage”. He considers himself a photo-manipulator influenced by Surrealism and Pop art culture. His work has appeared on contemporary art and culture blogs: Fubiz (France), Cultura inquieta (Spain), Toombes (Finland), Creative Boom (UK), and Boek Visual (Spain), and has also been shown in exhibitions collectives in Colombia, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain and Switzerland.


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Galatea’s Tragic Breeze
13.4″x17.1″; digital collage; 2019
23.6″x18.5″; mixed techniques; 2019
The World Is Ours
27.6″x19.7″; digital collage; 2020