Émilie Léger

Breathe Me
16”x16″; collage, image transfer, acrylic painting, charcoal and alcohol inks on wood panel; 2020

Émilie Léger
Pincourt, Québec, Canada


Émilie Léger’s artistic approach is first and foremost a search for an amalgam of creative techniques following literary studies, a long artistic practice in digital, and an exploration of traditional creation.

Image transfer is a base technique which she uses in many of her works. This technique represents what she describes as “controlled coincidence”. Controlled coincidence consists in obtaining a relatively predictable technical result that she can juxtapose with a variety of traditional techniques that will reveal a sought-after work of textures and contrasts.

In addition, her actual research intention is to identify and deepen links between text and pictural as well as visual elements. Émilie works on analyzing and examining specific functions of every textual and plastic element in the reading process of every artwork she creates.

She has recently been admitted in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Université du Québec à Montréal. She is currently working on a daily art journal in which she pursues her experiments with text and image in addition to her regular production of artworks on wood panels.


Born in the suburbs of Montréal in 1987, Émilie Léger is a creative being in many aspects of her life. She is a mother, an illustrator, an artist, a cultural worker as well as an arts student.

During her many years in the digital art field, she became an illustrator. She won five Aurora-Boréal literature prizes for her work as an illustrator in the book publishing industry. She is a member of Illustration Québec.

As a visual artist, Émilie took part in nearly 30 group or solo exhibitions. She is notably a member of the Caravansérail artist-run centre in Rimouski, Québec, Canada.

As a cultural worker, she is a communications and development agent at Conseil des arts et de la culture de Vaudreuil-Soulanges. She works in her native region in Québec. She is also the person behind many social media arts and culture related communities. She is dedicated to the diffusion of arts and culture information in the digital dimension.

After studying literature and writing in college and university, she then pursued graphic design studies as well as arts and culture management and entrepreneurship classes.

Émilie has recently been admitted in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Université du Québec à Montréal, which she will attend in the Fall of 2021.


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Fragments de Conversation
12″x12″; collage, image transfer, acrylic painting and watercolor on wood panel; 2021
26″x26″; collage, image transfer and acrylic painting on wood panel; 2021
10″x10″; image transfer, collage, patina and acrylic painting on wood panel; 2020
12″x10″; collage, image transfer and acrylic painting on wood panel; 2020