Erin McGean

14″x11″; collage on heavy paper; 2018

Erin McGean
Oakville, Ontario, Canada


The process of deconstructing images to create something completely new is my current ongoing obsession. Using traditional collage techniques along with digital technology, I re-purpose vintage fashion and nature magazines. Each piece begins with collecting and testing several combinations until a match reveals itself that is both visually pleasing and thought provoking. This recent series reflects my interest in our relationship with the natural environment and the ways in which women in particular have been used to represent mother nature’s deepest mysteries and power.


Erin studied art and art history at York University in Toronto earning an Honors B.F.A. followed by a B.Ed. from Brock University. Although originally trained in painting and drawing, she has been producing analogue and digital collages for the past several years. Her work has been exhibited in local galleries and sold to private and corporate collectors. Erin resides in Oakville, Ontario, raising her family, teaching high school Visual Arts and practicing her craft.


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14″x11″; collage on heavy paper; 2018

12″x9″; collage on heavy paper; 2018

Spring Sleeps
12″x9″; collage on heavy paper; 2017

12″x9″; collage on heavy paper; 2018