Eve Méthot

Poster for OFFF Catalogue, International Festival in Lisbon 2009. A Salute to Obama in 2008 after the USA Election. 14″x11″

Eve Méthot
Carignan, Quebec, Canada


The death in January 2020 of Homéro Gomez in Mexico struck a chord with me. Then there is also my unconditional love of animals. A reflection on the place of man within the terrestrial ecosystem, its impact on the loss of animal populations. A theme that also seeks to pay tribute to defenders of animals: the entomologist Georges Brossard who has dedicated his life to insects in Quebec, Homero Gomez killed for his defense of monarch butterflies in Mexico, Dian Fossey fervent guardian of gorillas, disappeared in strange circumstances in Gabon and many others. For information, according to the World Wildlife Fund in its latest annual Living Planet Report, the Earth has lost, on average, 60% of the populations of 4,000 species studied in land mammals, marine, insects, amphibians, corals and more.


I am a freelance artist. My tools are photography, digital design and Augmented Realty. I worked for 20 years as a teacher in digital design and multimedia in Quebec. Presently, I work on a cycle of artworks representing endangered species. I shoot my own photo, do digital editing and make 2D animations in AR to enhance the creations.


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Poster 2019 to salute the work of Jason Botkin, artist from Quebec and a member of the collective En Masse. 8″x10″
Poster to salute the work of Bob Dylan 2019. 10″x8″