Fabio Manzini

My Personal Jesus
27.6″x19.7″; collage on paper; 2019

Fabio Manzini
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Fabio has always been a restless and a very rebellious individual. Since he was a kid, he always relished making analogic collages juxtaposing personal pictures with famous characters of the media.

Through humour, Fabio found a way to overcome his wounds and difficulties in life. Always playful and ironic, he appreciates creating imaginary circumstances, where kids, animals and characters have a genuine voice in the scene.

Fabio likes to create magical memories where he can interact with. Through the colourful and boundless universe of collage, Fabio found the perfect contemplative practice: something colourful and fun to share and also help him developing personal and spiritual awareness.


Fabio Manzini is a Brazilian born emerging collage artist based in Sydney, Australia. He has a background in marketing and advertising, and throughout his professional life, he has applied his visual aesthetic to promote brands and people.

Fabio is married to Muzi (Murilo Manzini), also visual artist, who unpretentiously introduced him to the world of visual arts, especially to the creative path of deciphering feelings when putting artworks together.

He has participated in local exhibitions in Sydney since 2018 showcasing his artworks with collage on paper.

He also organised, in February 2019, the first artistic movement from the Brazilian community in Australia. For one month, “Familia” showcased creations by Cassia Bundock, Fabio Manzini (a.k.a. Juxta.fab), Flavia Julius, Lia Marxx, Marisa Pasicznik Ross, and Murilo Manzini (a.k.a. Muzi). The exhibition was showcased at Be Brave ArtSpace, in Avalon, NSW.


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Green Connection
27.6″x19.7″; collage on paper; 2019

27.6″x19.7″; collage on paper; 2019

27.6″x19.7″; collage on paper; 2019

15.7″x11.8″; collage on paper; 2019