Fatima Franks

Divinity 1
40″x30″; mixed media digital painting; 2022

Fatima Franks
Irvine, California, USA


My art emerges from personal and collective experiences. In these works, I have worked in digital paintings using my photography as well as collected images over the years. Most of my work signifies the inequalities in gender issues faced by women. The unpredictably of social and cultural standards set by the patriarchal societies, which can result in further dissolution of women rights. These visual narratives are depictions of factual or historical subjects depicted in the figure and doll heads. My aesthetical inspiration comes from Islamic arabesque patterns and various sources including, mythological and historical references, poetry, ancient artifacts, feminism theories and social aspects of sexuality and gender issues.


Contemporary interdisciplinary artist Fatima Franks attempts to address critical cultural issues of our times; especially in the context of women as she believes that it is a core principle of an organized society. Whether or not this is reformed may be beyond control; however, she questions this through her imagery to project an awareness. What is required is a global discourse for women, especially in the societies where Islamic revivalism is needed to reformat as to how women are perceived. Franks attempts to address factors which stigmatize the role of the female gender. By having witnessed a burgeoning rise of progressive thinking in women especially in the East and Islamic world, her work illustrates these growing and adapting times of multiculturalism.

Franks’ imagery touches on sensitive and delicate subjects; to affirm and subvert the patriarchal system to value equal social standards.

In her recent works, she uses imagery inspired by mythology, ancient iconography, spatiality, Islamic patterns, symbolism, spirituality/religious beliefs, Islamic scripture, history, feminist theories, philosophical findings and the female gender portrayal in poetry and literature.

She has been presented the prestigious XIII Lorenzo Il Magnifico International Award in New Media at the Florence Biennale, Italy.


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Lush Meadows
40″x40″; mixed media digital painting; 2021
The Saffron Girl
40″x30″; mixed media digital painting; 2022
Yellow-Haired Girl
40″x40″; mixed media digital painting; 2022
Two Mehndi Girls-Wallflowers
40″x40; mixed media digital painting; 2022