Fox Carlson

To the Wolves
10″x8″; paper collage and acrylic paint on wood panel; 2020.

Fox Carlson
Atlanta, Georgia, USA


I’m a collage artist, so I deal primarily with vintage paper, letters, books, magazines, and photographs to make my pieces. Some of my work centers around my profession, so you’ll see architectural elements throughout, but most of it is centered around more personal topics: my own feelings and experiences with sexuality, masculinity, freedom, depression, love, and longing. I find that there is this really interesting relationship that forms when I’m fusing together present feelings and emotions with paper that’s 50-100 years old. It gives a quality to the work that I believe conveys a sense of nostalgia, a little hint of heartache, but also hope, and a resolution towards better things. It’s a practice of created structured, atmospheric, memories. Memories from my own life and sometimes from lives I have yet to live. For me, collage is a creative outlet as well as a healing practice for my own little life. I think that’s the beauty of a semi abstract expression, my work is deeply personal to me, and yet it conveys a quality of emotion that I believe to be universally and personally understood by the viewer.


Fox Carlson is an architect and artist currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. He began his life as an artist as soon as he could hold a crayon and has been freelancing as an artist and designer since middle school. He earned his Bachelor degree in architecture from Auburn University, and soon after completed his Certificate in Classical Architecture from the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art in New York City. He now works full time as an architect, splitting his time between the world of residential architecture, and his own freelance collage career.

His approach to collage is as a scavenger, taking independent thoughts, images, and text from found papers and books, and patching them together to create interaction and conversation with one another. It’s about creating beautiful and sensitive vignettes from seemingly disconnected pieces. Armed with paper, paint, text, and nostalgia, he makes creates pieces that are atmospheric, unexpected, thoughtful, structured, and cheeky. He’s greatly influenced by Greek mythology, classical art and architecture, vintage advertisements, photographs, and letters, elements of which show up throughout his work.

While Fox focuses mainly on creating work for independent collectors, he has been selected for a handful of shows in recent years, both nationally and internationally, and hopes to continue pushing his work into the public.


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On Thin Ice
7″x5″; paper collage on Bristol paper; 2021
The Time of My Life
5″x3″; paper collage on vintage postcard; 2022
The Weight of Glory
12″x9″; collage paper on Bristol paper; 2022
The Natural Order
5″x3″; collage paper on vintage postcard; 2022