Frédéric Drouin

Avec la plus belle (from the series “Coca-Coola”)
12″x16.5″; paper from magazines; 2014

Frédéric Drouin
Saint Sébastien sur Loire, France


The first bits of paper that I collected and glued together were pictures of my idols: Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix. I was 14 and I absolutely did not want to lose those pictures of them, so I started to assemble them religiously.

Twenty years later, I continue! It became a means of expression in itself, a playground for my life. I love the beauty of the absurd, humour, surrealism and provocation. I love working in the construction as well as the deconstruction of an image.

When I approach the creation of a collage I have no specific technique. Sometimes I know what I want, sometimes I listen to what the images tell me, sometimes I cut hundreds of bits of paper and other times of the sets.

But at the end of the story, I wish one thing, I want the both form and content.

Collage = Freedom of Thought


Raw Art – Collage

Frédéric Drouin, aka Smith Smith, is a 34-year-old multi-genre artist originally from Nantes.

Drouin has been playing music for 20 years in various formats, a few years with the group Weena Ragone and solo under the pseudonym of Smith Smith. He develops his art in all forms are available to him–the cornerstone of his career, his desires and encounters. In 2009, he founded the label Twin Daisies Records and, in 2010, launched a line of T-shirts screen-printed BRAIN before returning to his first love: paper collage.

After taking his collages in different directions and getting lost looking for the path, Smith Smith was noticed by the Maecene Arts Collective, which mounted his first exhibitions in 2014 and helped him with his music career.

Working in Construction, Deconstruction, Abstraction, Humour and Finesse, Smith Smith approaches the creation of his collages from several fronts. His most popular work to date remains his series of portraits that he rebuilt as a cluster of pixels that have nothing to do with each other, but which finally offered more-or-less similar, but still obvious, portraits as a result.

Since Smith Smith, Drouin continues to work on the series “Six Months of Love with the Twelve Stars, in the Shadow of the Moonlight”, as well as other series such as “Coca-Coola”,”Photographer”,”Play me”, etc.

Other collages will be born, a musical album and concerts are coming, perhaps, and he continues to run Twin Daisies Records and the Tshirt BRAIN, of course.


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Dimension (from the series “Boundless”)
16.5″x12″; paper from magazines; 2014

Elizabeth Taylor (from the series “Photographer”)
16.5″x12″; paper from magazines; 2014

Isis (from the series “Boundless”)
16.5″x12″; paper from magazines; 2015

Romy Schneider (from the series “Six Months of Love with the Twelve Stars, In the Shadow of the Moonlight”)
16.5″x12″; paper from magazines; 2013