Gail E. Winbury

Cloudy and a Chance of Rain
16″x11″; oil, marker, ink and graphit on paper with cut papers, on Bristol Board; 2020

Gail E. Winbury
Westfield, New Jersey, USA


As an artist it is my task to put into visual language that which can not or dare not be said in verbal language. Art takes psychology one step further into the wordless and captures what we experience before we can name it.

Being interested in what is hidden and what is revealed, I work in layers, transparency and negative space. Using oil paint, pigment stick and cold wax as my tools, I paint and collage with these mediums.

My collage work is influenced by the Japanese concept of Notan. I explore how to find balance and how one form relates to the next through space and color. But the collage work is composed of discarded drawings and paintings and some found objects. I am fascinated with making something out of nothing, taking what is broken and discarded and creating a new whole.


Gail Winbury, a New Jersey artist has had exhibitions in the United States, Germany, Italy, Greece, and Mexico. Solo and two-person shows include, 73See Gallery, Montclair, New Jersey; The Frechard Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; County College of Morris, Randolph, New Jersey; The Henrich Heine Haus, Germany, among others. Her work has been in The Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, New Jersey; The Monmouth University Museum of Art, Monmouth, New Jersey; Carter Burden Gallery, Manhattan, New York; Village West Gallery, Jersey City, New Jersey; St Peter’s University, Jersey City, New Jersey; William James College, Newton, Massachusetts; OTA Contemporary, Santa Fe, New Mexicl; The Architectural School, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; and more. In December 2022, an exhibition of her collages and paintings opens at the Southern Vermont Art Center’s Wilson Museum in Manchester, Vermont.

Winbury’s artist residencies include School of Visual Arts, Manhattan; Edgewood Farms, Truro, Massachusetts; The Bau Foundation, Italy; The World of Co, Bulgaria, and a grant for an artist residency in Arad, Israel. Winbury’s art is published ranging from a scholarly journal to a book on Bach Cello Solos. She studied for 15 years with artist Dorothy Yung, and at the School of Visual Arts, Manhattan. She has a BS from the University of Massachusetts and a Psy.D. from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.

Winbury explores, gender, mortality, and memory. Her nearly 20 years as an artist merge with her 30 years as a psychologist. Her work is in private collections in the United States, Italy, and Germany. Public collections include the Copelouzos Museum, Athens, Greece; Canary Wharf Project, London; and Atlantic Health Commission, New Jersey.


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Corizon Late
24″x19″; fabric, oil, conte crayon, sumi ink, and graphite on paper and cut card stock on Bristol Board; 2019
Topsy Turvy
24″x19″; oil, marker, graphite on paper with cut paper on Bristol Board; 2019
16″x11″; archival papers, oil paint, watercolor and ink on paper on Bristol Board; 2018
Out the Window
26″x22″; oil on arches paper, sumi ink on newsprint, watercolor, cut paper and cardstock on Bristol Board; 2022