Ginnie Gardiner

Interlusion 37
7.8″x6″; digital collage on Epson Archival Inkjet paper; 2021

Ginnie Gardiner
Catskill, New York, USA


For many years I have been absorbed in the process of creating the illusion of transparency in my paintings. My aim is to re-create light or the proximity of light as it is reflected or refracted on various planes observed in nature and man-made objects. I am trying to create, with separate notes of color, an experience equivalent to the light or constancy found in nature. I began to focus on these painterly processes with the “Artifact Color Series” in 2018 and have continued with the ‘Interlusion Series’. My central concern in “The Artifact Color Series” is the concept of phenomenal transparency; I employ opaque mixtures to achieve the illusion of transparency in the medium of oil paint. These are inspired by Josef Albers’ “Homage to the Square” series and are created with painted woodblock papers. They are the oil paint mixtures from current paintings and influenced by the seasons and local weather. This process feels almost like writing in a diary to me, personal and experience-driven. “The Interlusion Series”, begun in 2019, combines the “Artifact Color Series” collages with a return to trompe l’oeil paint handling in the interest of capturing subtle gradations of veils of color as they arc and flow over the compositions of the “Artifact Color Series” with some transparency. Interlusion blends two or more sensibilities of spatial and atmospheric relationships in two dimensions to capture the transparency effects and the multiple layers of colors and their interactions.


Ginnie Gardiner’s work has been exhibited extensively throughout the US since 1985. Gardiner received her B.F.A. from Cornell University in 1974. She is widely known for her practice of creating collages that serve as studies for her paintings. In 1997 Gardiner curated a collage group exhibition, “The Re-Associated Image”, at Flanders Contemporary Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her collages and collage-based paintings have been shown in many exhibitions at Pavel Zoubok Gallery, New York, including “And I Quote”, 1998, “Talking with Tiepolo”, Solo Exhibition, 2000, “Collage, Signs and Surfaces”, 2005,”The New Collage”, 2006, “Daughters of the Revolution: Women & Collage”, 2009 and “In Translation: Austin, Deem, Gardiner”, 2010. In 2018 she had a Solo Exhibition, “The Color Prophecies”, at the Woodstock Artists Association & Museum, Woodstock, New York. In 2019, Gardiner’s work was included in the exhibition, “unfoldingobject”, curated by Todd Bartel, at the Concord Center for the Visual Arts, Concord, Massachusetts. In 2021, Gardiner had a Solo Exhibition, “GINNIE GARDINER: INTERLUSION: Recent Painting & Collage”, at the Carrie Chen Gallery, Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and a two person exhibition, “Echo: Ginnie Gardiner & Amy Talluto, Recent Painting and Collage”, curated by Kathy Greenwood, Director, Art and Culture Program, at the Albany International Airport, Albany, New York.


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Artifact LXIX (Source for Interlusion 37 digital collage)
7.8″x6″; oil paint on woodblock paper collage; 2019
Interlusion 24
8″x6″; digital collage on Epson Archival Inkjet paper
Artifact LX (source for Interlusion 24 digital collage)
10.75″x6.75″; oil paint on woodblock paper collage; 2019