Gwenn Mayers

Apple Peel with White Orchid
17″x12.5″; iPhone photo, collage, mixed media on paper; 2017

Gwenn Mayers
East Chatham, New York, USA


I work with found objects, my own, often unfinished, art work, images from my past, traditional art materials and analogue and original, digital (iPhone) images. Each piece evolves through a continuous process of deconstruction, rearranging, and reconstruction; life experiences and memories (my past) unite with the unexpected (my present) to play a role in the final image. My concern is how to make each image compelling and how to link narrative, tension and aesthetics. Each collage requires a different solution.


Gwenn Mayers is a mixed-media collage artist living and working in upstate New York. Born in New York City, Gwenn holds a BFA (painting) and MA (fine art/art history) from Hunter College. She has been an artist, in one way or another, all her life.

Combining images from her past with found objects and original iPhone photos, she creates a dialogue that links images, colour and composition and raises questions. She is a lover of all kinds of paper and almost all of her work is on paper.

Gwenn’s work has been exhibited in many juried exhibits including “Less in More: Small Works in a Great Space” at The Mitchell Gallery in Annapolis, Maryland, juried by Domenic Iacono, director, Syracuse University Art Galleries and “How Simple can you Get? Creative Arts Workshop” in New Haven, Connecticut, juried by Robert Storr, Dean, Yale University School of Art. She has also curator, taught art to students and teachers, led artist book making workshops, and taught in Museum Education programs.


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13.5″x11.5″; collage, paint, found object, candy dots; 2018

Untitled: Abyss
28″x22″; mixed media, iPhone photo, paint; 2018

Untitled: Abyss 2
11″x14″; iPhone photo, image transfer, mixed media; 2018

Untitled: With Orchids
18″x13″; collage on hand made indigo paper, pencil, ink; 2018