Haylie Werhanowicz

Evening News
7.5″x7.5″; magazine cuttings, glue; 2021

Haylie Werhanowicz
Brooklyn, New York, USA


I tend to gravitate towards older magazines for my work and typically produce a more narrative image than an abstract one. Other materials include found postcards and images as well as more occasionally, paints and other media. I have experimented with digital collage, primarily using old family photos, to create semi-surrealist images and find that these lend themselves to more open-ended narratives. I like using a sense of humor and irony in my composition, even if the story itself is more melancholic, or scary, for example.


Haylie Werhanowicz is a Southern California native who studied fashion at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and graduated in 2017. In 2019, she moved to Brooklyn, New York, where she currently lives. Werhanowicz has always been drawn to the arts and has explored different creative outlets over the years, but didn’t start working with collage until just a few years ago. In addition to her personal work, Werhanowicz hosts a collage meet-up every few months with other local collage enthusiasts.


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13.2″x6.48″; magazine cuttings, glue; 2020
11.3″x6.58″; magazine cuttings, glue; 2020
Postcard From:
11.75″x8.25″; magazine cuttings, enamel paint, found postcard, glue, heavyweight paper; 2021
8.75″x6.5″; magazine cuttings, glue; 2021