Holly Savas

Hey, Sugar
36″x36″x2″; mixed media: acrylic paint, paper, collage; 2018

Holly Savas
San Francisco, California, USA


My favourite part of being an artist is finding a way to distill everything I absorb from my environment–the shapes of buildings I see downtown, the light and shadows of trees in Golden Gate Park or the colours of the beach–into a small, concentrated dose of my experiences. It’s very satisfying to look at a collection of my completed collages and revisit the sensory memories contained in them, all through a filter that exaggerates the best of what I experienced or that perhaps even replaces what I actually saw, with what I wish I had seen. In my work I can make the ocean as blue as I want it to be or I can make it nearly white. I can make skyscrapers out of flower patterned wallpaper or from debris I find on the street. Through my work, can I convert reality into a slightly more optimistic version of itself.


Holly Savas is an artist whose work is driven by combining dissonant elements that exaggerate the visual contrasts she sees in the world around her. Creative journal Mud Season Review writes that Savas’ “Containers” series “engages with the tension created when modern, contemporary colours and patterns are paired with more primitive shapes” as an exploration of the contrast between old and new.

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Holly has worked from her home studio in San Francisco’s North Panhandle neighborhood for almost two decades. She has also lived in Spain, Southern California and New York City. Holly shows her work in the Bay Area and throughout California, and recently won the Sustainable Arts Foundation Finalist Award given to working artists with families.


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Window of Opportunity
36″x36″x2″; mixed media: acrylic paint, paper, collage; 2018

From Above
30″x42″; paper collage; 2017

Nightcap Speakeasy Stiletto
24″x58″; paper collage; 2017

Where In the World?
10″x14″; mixed media: acrylic paint, paper, collage; 2017