Hope Amico

Letting Go Is a Delicate Art
7″x7″; paper, fabric, papercutting; 2018

Hope Amico
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


As an artist who never felt comfortable with my life drawing skills, I use collage as one way of creating drawings without drawing. I like to work in batches, starting with ink blots or themed source material to develop representations of conversations, interactions and inner discourse.


Hope Amico (she/her) is a collage artist, trained letterpress printer and former community bike shop volunteer, living and working in New Orleans.

She is the force behind Gutwrench Press–a letterpress shop, zine distribution, and home of the “Keep Writing Project”, a postcard subscription she started in 2008 while an undergrad at Louisiana State University.

Her work has been shown in Oakland, California; New Orleans, Louisiana; Denver, Colorado; and Barranquilla, Colombia. Currently, Hope helps to organize a monthly collage meet-up as an opportunity to meet and create with other artists in New Orleans.


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A Bird’s Heart
6″x6″; ink, paper, fabric, papercutting; 2018

Not a Mind Reader
6″x6″; paper, papercutting, ink; 2018

You’ve Been So Alone
10″x8″; fabric, paper; 2019

Giving Him Something He Can Feel
6″x4″; paper, papercutting; 2019