I. Zahira-Rose Jacovino

Before the Hipsters Arrived
12”x12”; digital collage; 2020

I. Zahira-Rose Jacovino
Sylva, North Carolina, USA


I am a proud outsider artist, activist, outlaw poet, and author. My creative fingerprint takes inspiration from my love of politically focused street art and particularly street art created during the Arab Spring. My culture is my badge of honor and I am blessed to exist at the intersection of the islands of Sicily and Lipari, North Africa, and the Middle East.

My current work in visual art, activism, and writing, seeks to examine my personal journey to embrace my multicultural/multi-ethnic identity, women’s mental health, issues of immigration and displacement, and representation for marginalized populations in the arts.

The visual art I love and create is a vessel for my activism, cultural pride, and amplification of vibrant colors. Women stand at the center of my work as do various themes on gentrification, female empowerment, whimsy, and the beauty found in the unusual.


I. Zahira-Rose is a published author and poet whose work has been featured in various solo and group exhibitions in North Carolina, literary festivals in Atlanta, Georgia and Baltimore, Maryland, and comic cons in Greenville, South Carolina, and Asheville, North Carolina. I. Zahira-Rose has an MA in International Peace, Conflict, and Development Studies from the University of Limerick in the Republic of Ireland. Her collective body of creative work is greatly influenced by her experiences and research in anti-gentrification movements, artwashing, urban renewal programs, and displaced urban populations. Her collage work ranges from the vibrant and chaotic, to more minimal yet complexly layered digital pieces. Her work serves to examine art, in all of its uses, as a place-guard for inclusion, representation, autonomy, and empowerment.


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Begin Again
12”x12”; digital and analog collage; 2020
12”x12”; digital collage; 2020
It’s Not What It Seems
16”x12”; digital collage; 2020
Revolution: The Only Real Reason For Living
16”x12”; digital collage and digital painting; 2019