Indiana Rogers

Brassroots Takeover by Indiana Rogers
Brassroots Takeover
9″x11″; paint, paper, and tape on book cover; 2014

Indiana Rogers
Escondido, California, USA


Alternative surfaces, materials, found objects, and vintage ephemera/books are integral to Indiana’s work. With a conceptual and visual challenge to what ideas and images are “supposed” to be, she deconstructs and reconstructs with layering, complexity, and warped dimensions, questioning conventions of structure, time, and space. Using the process of creation from destruction inherent in collage, she additionally uses this as a thematic element in her work: creation from destruction is both act and story, both process and finished product.


Indiana Rogers is a mixed media collage artist based in Southern California. Her work translates the intersections of experience, identity, and nonlinear time into imagined landscapes and visual storytelling. Through personal narrative and critical engagement, she explores the collision of social vs individual identity and the desire to organize chaos. Her collages have been exhibited locally and her mail art has been exhibited all over the world. She holds no degrees in art.


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True Bromance
10″x10.5″; paint, paper, and tape on book cover, 2014

Visionmary by Indiana Rogers
7″x9.5″; paint, paper, and tape on book cover; 2014