Isabelle Milkoff

Under the Skin 2
10″x8″; mixed media on canvas board; 2018

Isabelle Milkoff
New York, New York, USA


Doing collage echoes what I see in the world, its shapes, its colours, and its chaotic rhythm. That’s why the entire world is source of my collages. I gather all kind of papers as well as pictures from magazines, newspapers, postcards, flyers, because something in them attracted me. My collages are built in a way that shapes and colours dialogue with each other in a dynamic way, playing with frames inside the bigger frame. They appear either in a spontaneous way or in relation to a theme or an idea that launched the work. Often this leads to a series because once an idea or a theme is there I feel the need to explore it in many collages. I also like experiencing all kinds of material. I never try to build something simple or simplistic. Even though I give a title to my pieces, there is no other meaning than the one each person will get by looking at my work. Experiencing illustration work helped me to build stronger images and I like to go back and forth between figurative work and abstraction work. Going back to pure collage I felt the need of avoiding the flatness of papers glued on a board. I felt the need of a three dimensional work.


My name is Isabelle Milkoff, aka MilkIsa. When I moved from Paris to New York in 2010, I took advantage of this move to change the direction of my creative work and attended many collage workshops with the New York collagists Mariah Fee at Parsons and Ellen Alt at the 92nd Street Y, and with Beatrice Coron, a French silhouette artist. Thanks to these mentors, I developed my skills and opened my work to different artistic techniques that made them stronger. I also took illustration classes with Elizabeth Sayles at the School of Visual Arts. Collages fill up my apartment, but I can’t stop and I won’t. I feel the universal need to make art. I’m always thinking of the next collage. I am also thrilled and encouraged by the fact that some pieces of my work were shown these four last years in many group exhibitions: at Ceres Gallery in Chelsea in 2014 and at the 440 Gallery in Brooklyn in 2014 and 2015. Four of my collages were part of an exhibition curated by Raquelle Azran at the Pen and Brush gallery in April 2015. I was selected as well for the first Park Slope Festival in 2016 and had some of my work exhibited at the Limner Gallery in Hudson, New York, in 2017. In 2018, I was part of another group show in Red Hook, curated by Brinda Kumar, an assistant Curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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Homage to Italian Masters 5
10″x8″; mixed media on gesso board; 2018

Homage to Italian Masters 8
10″x8″; mixed media on gesso board; 2018

Growing a Tree 1
14″x11″; collage on paper; 2017

History of Pasta 9
12″x9″; mixed media on paper; 2017