Isabelle Milkoff

O vous frères humains (5)
15″x20″; mixed media collage on paperboard; 2019

Isabelle Milkoff
New York, New York, USA


The entire world is a source of my collages: its shapes, its colours, and its chaotic rhythm. I gather all kinds of papers as well as pictures from magazines, newspapers, postcards, and flyers, because something in them attracted me. My studio is full of material and every new piece I make adds to these resources. My collages are built in a way that shapes and colours dialogue with each other in a dynamic way, playing with frames inside the bigger frame. Often this leads to a series. I love series. I like to create different images on the same theme or with the same shape. I like experimenting with all kinds of material but since I discovered Beatrice Coron’s work, I have become fond of using black silhouette paper cutouts because they pop out and give more depth to the images. I am always thinking of the next collage. The challenges on Instagram are also a good source of inspiration. Collages fill up my apartment, but I cannot stop and I won’t stop.


After spending most of her life in Paris, France, where she raised my two daughters and earned my living as a French literature teacher, Isabelle Milkoff moved to New York in 2010 and took advantage of this huge movement to change the direction of her creative work. She had the opportunity to take many collage classes with the New York collagists Mariah Fee at Parsons and Ellen Alt at the 92Y. More recently, she studied with Beatrice Coron, a phenomenal French artist creating inspiring cutouts and took Illustration classes with Elizabeth Sayles at the SVA. Thanks to these mentors, she developed her skills and opened her work to different artistic techniques that made them stronger. Since 2014, she has participated in many group shows and was among the winners of The Doug and Laurie Kanyer “Finding a place of my own” challenge on Instagram in December 2019.


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10″x8″; collage on gesso board; 2019
Hommage to Italian Masters (5)
10″x8″; mixed media collage on gesso board; 2018
The Void, Hommage to Leonard Cohen
12″x9″; collage on black paper; 2019
Four Boroughs
8″x6″; mixed media collage on postcard; 2018