Jacob Cozens

Doorway by Jacob Cozens
12″x7″; traditional and digital collage; 2013

Jacob Cozens
Eastleigh, Hampshire, United Kingdom


Between reality and the surreal lies a place where we continue to push and explore our personal and external boundaries. My interest and passion is about how we explain this space in our attempt to try and understand ourselves and the world around us.

Words and connotations are the performers of the stage that is the image. The relationship between them influences and evolves in the re-construction and creation of my images.

Words build the image, we understand through language, thus a colour becomes a thousand memories. The work I create is a record of the conversation between the tangible, verbal and rhetoric.

“The world of physical things is grounded in language.”
Paul Celan


Born and raised in Cardiff, South Wales, I have always seen the world around me as a question. My presence as a designer, writer and illustrator is my attempt to understand and explore the space between reality and the surreal. Recently graduating from Cardiff Metropolitan University with Honours, I am now carrying on my research through minimal typography and collage. Using an abstract nature to re-build and simplify complex ideas and emotions.

I have been involved with collective and group exhibitions, including collaborative projects with Plastik Magazine and Illiterati Magazine. My continuing focus on current and future collaborations is a result of my research in the relationship between artist and audience.

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”
Edgar Allan Poe


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My Love by Jacob Cozens
My Love
12″x8″; found imagery and digital collage; 2013

Self Reconstruction by Jacob Cozens
Self Reconstruction
12″x8″; digital collage; 2013

Watching by Jacob Cozens
11″x7″; traditional collage, acrylic paint, and found imagery; 2012