Jenny Bou

First Steps to Reading
11″x8.5″; paper, glue, cardboard; 2018

Jenny Bou
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada


My creative process starts in old bookstores and thrift shops searching for inspiring pictures and pieces of paper in magazines and encyclopedias. I enjoy giving another life to second-hand pieces. I make unusual portraits and create funky universes with them. My collages are all analogue. Sometimes, I use watercolour and other techniques to spice them up! I have been making collage since my early twenties. I think making collage is the best stress reliever and fun inducer.


I started making collage in my early twenties as a hobby. I studied social work and now work in that field. I live in Québec City. During my studies, I held collage workshops with people who were having different issues. In the last year, I dedicated more time to my creative process. I participated recently in a popular local flea market and had the chance to exhibit my art for the first time.


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Les Ruines de Beyrouth
12″x9″; paper, glue, cardboard; 2018

Mont Blanc
11″x8.5″; paper, glue, cardboard; 2018

Princesse Hirondelle
11″x8.5″; paper, glue, watercolour, cardboard; 2018

Yukon: Been There, Done That
11″x8.5″; paper, glue, cardboard; 2018