Jerome Bertrand

11″x8.5″; collage and paint on cardboard; 2017

Jerome Bertrand
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


To try and generate a sequence within the viewer’s mind with the help of these borrowed illustrations is like sending a message in a manner that can be understood universally. The emotions felt by the viewer can be experienced by people who speak different languages. Collage art can be cleansing for both artist and spectator. It can make you laugh or relieve stress regarding a specific topic. It can be scary or unsettling, but it can also be holy in the sense that it unites individuals with visual references that comes together in a message of freedom. Now that Jerome Bertrand works as a professional photographer, he can imagine one day seeing a piece of one of his pictures used in a collage and thus participating in a sort of global thread, invisible yet perceivable with art.


Taught in the arts of collage by his mentor William Sanchez in 1999, Jerome Bertrand has been assembling images ever since. Bertrand collects magazines from different sources and stacks them in his studio until he filters and transforms them for his passion of juxtaposition. Experiences with different media had a major impact on his work in ways that he wouldn’t have imagined when his career began. For instance, with painting he has learned to play with colour combinations, harmony and contrast. With the practice of sculpture, he has mastered depth, perspective and volume. As he explored photography, he has developed an eye for light and composition. Video art has taught him to tell a story in different ways. All of these refinements have given him different ways of expressing an idea and instinctively create a world of his own.


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7″x5″; collage on cardboard; 2017

11.69″x8.27″; collage on cardboard; 2017

7″x5″; collage on cardboard; 2017

Vive la fête
10″x8″; collage and paint on cardboard; 2018