Jessa Dupuis

LIFE Series, Triptych
12″x3″ per panel; gouache, pencil, found image on cradled panel; 2019

Jessa Dupuis
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Jessa Dupuis is a collage & mixed media artist living and working in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, Canada. Jessa’s work is a delicate balance of losing, winning, observing, wondering, letting go, and reclaiming. Merging art and design, abstraction and order, truth and fiction, her intention is to create pieces that allow people to laugh, cry, wonder, and connect with their own narratives in her visual storytelling. Jessa favors the weird and fantastic bits of life and she hopes you enjoy the weird and wonderful that comes out of her lovely (and very messy) studio.


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Stars A Fire
30″x20″; acrylic, colored pencil, found image on Mi-Teintes paper; 2018
Look Within
11″x8″; gouache, pencil, found image on vintage book cover; 2020
Let Go Move Forward
8″x8″; watercolor, pencil, found image on Fluid Hot Press paper; 2019
Sketchbook – The Afflicted Heart
10.5″x8.25″; watercolor, colored pencil, found image in Global Watercolour Handbook; 2020