Jessa Dupuis

Mountain Love
9″x9″; found images; 2017

Jessa Dupuis
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


I find collage to be liberating and incredibly rewarding…so I cut, paste, and paint (analog & digital) and absolutely relish in the process of combining different elements and bits and pieces to tell a whole new story. I hope my art allows people to laugh, cry, wonder and feel a connection in someway to the story I’m telling.


Jessa Dupuis is an emerging collage and mixed media artist living and working in Victoria, British Columbia. Originally trained as a designer and illustrator at MacEwan University, Jessa has spent the past 12 years dedicated to client-driven design and illustration projects. She has recently shifted her focus to furthering her creative practice in collage and mixed media artwork.


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Georgie Baby
10″x8″; found images, book cover; 2018

12″x9″; found images, acrylic, ink; 2017
Frame of Mind
9″x6″; found images, book cover; 2018
Sum of Parts
14″x11″; found images, acrylic, ink; 2017