John Moore

Landscape #1
12″x12″; paper collage on wood panel; 2021

John Moore
Napa, California, USA


I am a self-taught collage artist. My inspiration lies within pivotal moments in nature, architecture, photography, fashion, and other art forms. When creating, I really never know how a piece will turn out. It’s like putting together a big puzzle, yet I am creating the pieces as I go.

My journey with collage began as a creative, thoughtful and innovative solution for passing the time. I soon realized that being able to create art year round became a necessary outlet. It becomes meditative.

My process begins with drawing/sketching, then cutting and pasting repurposed pages from old used books and magazines. The journey is never clear, but my focus and persistence allow me to explore, and make mistakes along the way. Many times, a piece is the result of very simply the supply on hand. Which color do I have the most of? What colors do I feel like using together this time? What textures inspire me that day?


My name is John Moore, a native Oklahoman. I was raised on a farm where my first experiences of living landscapes and brilliant sunsets allowed me to see the constant beauty and colors that nature provides. Even though I no longer live there, I know that certain imprints will always remain. Along with nature, I am also influenced by photography, sculpture, and painting. As a former hairdresser, one of my main influences was Vidal Sassoon. I was attracted to his bold structure and shapes. About 4 years ago, I began creating colorful collage versions of his classic 1960’s black-and-white hairstyle photos. My work had definitely evolved since those early days, however, it was here that I realized that I wanted to explore my fascination with collage.

I believe that being an artist can be tapped into like a deep well. I continue to study through practical experience, learning through trial and error and self learning.

I am a member of Art Association Napa Valley and have showcased my work in their local gallery, along with over 50 local Napa artists. In conjunction, I showcase my work during Open Studios Napa Valley. This gives me a great opportunity to meet other local artists and art enthusiasts. Currently, my work can be viewed in hair salons and coffee shops.

I work primarily with paper from old books and magazines. I like applying paper to wood panels. Wood has it’s own unique grain patterns which sometimes helps guide my design. I currently work in a studio space in my home that I currently share with my partner, Carter, and two dogs.


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Walk in Nature
12″x16″; paper collage on wood panel; 2022
Four Seasons
8″x8″; paper collage on wood panel; 2022
Break Time
12″x12″; paper collage on wood panel; 2022
Worlds Collide
14″x11″; paper collage on wood panel; 2021