Jonas Heen Haeg

13.4″x8.7″; digital collage; 2015

Jonas Heen Haeg
Oslo, Norway


Working under the name Taudalpoi, Haeg found, and started, the art of collage-art through his fascination for space and the universe, and love for the surreal. He often combines “cosmic elements” and ordinary, day-to-day situations to achieve a surrealist result. This is also a large part of the idealistic side to his artworks: an investigation of humans and the universe; a theme which is often explored by altering reality and putting the universe as a whole and ordinary humans in extraordinary situations. However, through his time in collage, he has also expanded his artistic desires, and often makes very different collages–altered portraits being a popular favourite of his. In addition, he has expanded into making short “collage films”; collages with some slightly moving elements. His technique is digital, but he mostly uses “vintage” or scanned photos for the cut-and-paste work, and he sometimes spends energy on making the final image look even more “analog”.


Jonas Heen Haeg spends his free time making art, mostly digital collages, under the name Taudalpoi. Although he only began working in the art of collage in the summer of 2014, and without any formal training in art, he has started slowly to make a name for himself. This past year, Taudalpoi had one solo exhibition in Norway, one group exhibition in London and won first price and £1500 in an art competition for young artists. Add to that several cover art projects for different musicians from all over the world, commissioned collage works for the website Van Winkle’s, and a few large-format prints sold to larger corporations.


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Holy Diver
20.5″x20.5″; digital collage; 2015

Melt Head
29.5″x29.5″; digital collage; 2015

13″x9.8″; digital collage; 2015

The Best Golf
8.7″x11.8″; digital collage; 2014