Josette Villeneuve+

Je veux des choses (Collection ville de Trois-Rivières)
40″x48″; oil, graphite, pencil, Fabriano paper, photocopies on wood; 2012

Josette Villeneuve
Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada


Everyday objects are at the centre of my projects. I enjoy taking them out of their normal environments and incorporating them within other contexts and introducing them into unpredictable places.

Through this exploration of matter, images and transformable objects, I weave links and accumulate encounters in order to recount, via collages and/or sensitive and teeming installations, a vision of the world; a world, whether it be a microcosm or of global dimensions, that is at once political, chaotic and full of movement and conflict.

Finally, the playful interpretation of this pictorial or sculptural agitation encourages reflection about certain perceptions that influence the way we act and see, and how we apprehend images, objects, space and our habitat.


Josette Villeneuve lives and works in Shawinigan. Mixing plays a crucial role in her work, both with regards to techniques and media as well as to the materials that she collects for her multiform collages and assemblages. Her installations have been shown at several venues in Québec, as well as in Ontario and in Belgium: the Biennale nationale de sculpture contemporaine de Trois-Rivières; the Symposium international de Baie-Saint-Paul; Glendon Gallery, Toronto, Ontario; the Triennale internationale des arts textiles contemporains de Tournai (Concours Continere), Belgium. The artist has been supported on several occasions by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and she was awarded the Prix à la création artistique en Mauricie in 2009.

Her works can be found in both public and private collections: Loto-Québec; Éditions du Noroît; Musée d’art contemporain Baie-St-Paul; Bibliothèque nationale du Québec; the Collection Ville de Trois-Rivières. Josette Villeneuve has often participated in the Québec government public art programme -Politique d’intégration des arts à l’architecture et à l’environnement du gouvernement du Québec – and she has coordinated collective projects in partnership with both the community and the artistic milieu.


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Faire ses devoirs (Collection ville de Trois-Rivières)
40″x48″; Prismacolor, oil, acrylic on a North America physical map and Canada notebooks on wood; 2013

Revenir chez-soi
40″x48″; oil, graphite, pencil on a North America canvas physical map on wood; 2012