Kass Copeland

Ulla Herrin
46″x30.5″; mixed media collage on panel; 2015

Kass Copeland
Chicago, Illinois, USA


I find the puzzling together of previously unrelated objects and images very satisfying. Like joining words together to form a poem, my pieces reveal themselves to me as I form new associations with elements that already have separate histories. Humour is an important component in my work because it provides a universal means of communication.


Kass Copeland has worked as an artist and designer in Chicago since 1995. Prior to earning her BFA in graphic design from The Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, she studied and apprenticed with her father, a theatrical and circus prop designer and craftsman. She collaborated with the former Redmoon Theater for over a decade and now enjoys working with Cabinet of Curiosities, The Chicago Children’s Theater, NewMoon Chicago and other theater, event, and advertising clients.


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First Generation
40″x30″; mixed media collage on found door panel; 2013

Zetta Plummer
48″x36″; mixed media collage on canvas; 2012

60″x30″; collage on discarded wood tabletop; 2014

Barrett Quigley
36″x24″; mixed media collage on canvas; 2010