Kate Chassner

Waiting, Watching
each 4″x5.5″; series of 18 paint sample cards and collage; 2020.

Kate Chassner
Asheville, North Carolina, USA


In my work, I seek to find new ways to communicate the intangible. Embracing the random encounters of the everyday, from found images, leftover materials and scraps. Especially in this time of isolation, creating with materials I have at home has been essential. This randomness and chance happening allows for unexpected ways for communication and connections. As I layer these pieces I am responding to the tactile qualities of the materials and how they interact and are in conversation with one another. I am curious about intersections, the combining of media, and the in-between spaces that tell stories and create a common thread. The history of these materials evolve as they are revealed in the compositions.

My role as a mother inspires my artwork, in content and in the space I make for creating. Through my art I strive to channel a message of truth and playfulness. As a mother, educator and artist I weave a thread through these identities to bring hope and connection to the world, even for just a fleeting moment.


Kate Chassner creates paper and textile collages in the mountains of North Carolina in a range of themes and sizes. Currently an MFA student at Western Carolina University she is exploring new mediums and expanding her collage templates. Work she has shown include a large mixed media commission for the hospital to small collages on paint samples. Working along side her young children her subject matter is often playful and relates to motherhood.


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This Changes Everything
6″x8″; collage on paper; 2020
Masks We Wear
4″x4″; collage, thread on paper; 2020
Corners Meet
14″x16″: acrylic, collage on paper; 2020
The View
2.5″x2.5″; collage on paper; 2020