Katrien De Blauwer+

Inappropriate (9)
6.3″x4.3″; Found paper and magazines; 2012

Katrien De Blauwer
Antwerp, Belgium


Emotions have always been the driving force and main consideration in what I do and make. I am also strongly drawn to the uncomfortable in human emotion, like pain, sorrow, loss, desire. It’s about life and death, what we are, what we signify, how we are loved.I like the directness of pictures and their brute presence. With my idiosyncratic, condensed cuts and pastes I try to relate a story of my own. In doing so, I find, often unwittingly, new meanings and associations, which also has a therapeutic effect on me. It’s a process of finding my own language and listening to it.

“Where must we hide when it comes from inside” – J. Taylor


Royal Academy of Ghent & Antwerp – Painting


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Untitled Upright (1)
6.3″x4.3″; Found paper and magazines; 2012

Movement (1)
4.3″x6.3′; Found paper and magazines; 2012