Keddy Ann Outlaw

Beyond the Beyond
12″x16″; paint and papers on wood panel; 2018

Keddy Ann Outlaw
Houston, Texas, USA


How can collage portray the human soul? How can I integrate fragmented imagery into new wholeness? Why does collage speak so deeply to me? Is it simply that I want to rearrange the contents of our world? As I do not want to live in a world where everything can be explained, I think of collage as a container for mystery. For me, collage exists as a lavish land deep down beneath our ordinary lives. It is an “otherworld” where anything can happen.I sometimes think of my collages as picture poems.Collage is one place I feel free. 

My mixed media art is influenced by magical realism, Jungian psychology, archaeology, women’s studies and a lifelong love of symbols. I am fascinated with the way collage can portray overlapping streams of consciousness, seeming to mirror the complexity of our public and inner lives.


Keddy Ann Outlaw is a Signature Member of the National Collage Society. Keddy has made collages since high school. She majored in art at SUNY Plattsburgh. She studied fusion collage and other techniques at the Houston Art League. Her mixed media art includes mono-printed, silk screened and relief-printed papers.

Keddy enjoys entering juried shows and is a member of the Visual Arts Alliance Exhibitions committee in Houston, Texas. She has won cash awards from the National Collage Society. Her work has been in shows at the Houston Jung Center, the Houston Art League, the Art Car Museum (Houston), Archway Gallery (Houston), arthouse (Austin, Texas) and the Riverside Arts Center (Ypsilanti, Michigan). Her solo show of collages appeared on the Caladan Gallery site in 2011. Her mixed media labyrinth collages and greeting cards are sold at the Houston Jung Center.


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The Ingenue
8″x8″; papers on Yupo; 2019
Go To Launching Pad at Once
10″x8″; papers on watercolor paper; 2019
Ah, the Magic Art of Collage
4″x6″; papers on matboard; 2018
8″x8″; mono-printed and painted papers; 2017