Kerstin Stephan

6″x4″; handmade collage on black paper; 2013

Kerstin Stephan
Jork, Germany


I love to do collage because I can play with this medium like a child with LEGO. The world is full of printed paper. Paper is simply beautiful. It rustles and is fragile, but also very strong. Old printed paper from books or magazines carries the wisdom of all generations. I can play with my cutout material for hours. The oldest stuff becomes trash, but the old stuf that I find becomes my new artwork and lives on in the world.

I don’t want to shock. I only want to irritate. It is very interesting for me, for example, to take pieces from 1920 and put them together with material from today. It is an absolutely new relationship and a very exciting process. Only today is it possible to couple the new with the old. All the creators of the old pieces have already died. They will never experience what has happened with their own pictures. In this creative process I get a prickle in my belly. That is very delightful for me.


Kerstin Stephan was born in East Germany. She studied cultural sciences and, via distance learning, graphic design. In addition, she has holds journeyman’s certificate as a crystal grinder and a journeyman’s certificate as an interior decorator.

She has exhibited her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Germany, England, Ireland, and Estonia. Her work has been published many times in 3×3 magazine, Creative Quarterly and Freistil.

She was also invited by James Gallagher to participate in the exhibition “CUTTER edges 2011″ in Skibbereen (Ireland) and Berlin. In 2008, she was nominated for the Art Award of the LICC London International Creative Competition in the category of illustration professional. In addition, she is represented in the new Gestalten Verlag book, The Age of Collage (2013).

Today, she lives and works near Hamburg.


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Big Teeth
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